Animal Welfare

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Animal Welfare projects list

Animals Asia Foundation:

  - Fight against Bear bile farming

Ape Alliance:

  - Conservation and Welfare of Apes

Barn Owl Trust:

  - Barn Owl Trust

Born Free Foundation:

  - Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme

Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation:

  - Safe habitat for Borneo's orangutans

Bristol Zoo Gardens:

  - The Amphibian Sanctuary Project

Brooke Hospital for Sick Animals:

  - Brooke Hospital for Sick Animals

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust:

  - Conservation of the Livingstone's Fruit Bat, Comoros

Fauna & Flora International:

  - Cambodian Crocodile Conservation Programme

IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare ):

  - Protection of Hellenic Monk Seals

  - Fight against dog eating in Asia

ILPH ( International League for the Protection of Horses ):

  - Care for abandoned racehorses - Karachi, Pakistan.

International Animal Rescue:

  - Saving 'dancing' bears in India

International Wildlife Coalition:

  - Fight against illegal Phillippine dog meat trade

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust:

  - Besthorpe Heron Colony

Polar Bear International:

  - Polar Bear monitoring - Canada

Reigate Hill Animal Mission:

  - Reigate Hill Rescue Home

Swan Rescue:

  - Caring for swans

Vanishing Herds Foundation:

  - Saving the Lions of Gir

WSPA ( World Society for the Protection of Animals ):

  - Fight against exploitation and cruel treatment of captive dolphins

  - Fight against Bear bile farming

  - Support of Global Animal Welfare

  - Fight against dog eating in Asia

  - Rescue Chimpanzees

  - Fight against Factory Farming

  - Fight against Bullfighting

  - Fight against mistreatment of Bears

  - Protection of Dogs - Sierra Leone

  - Support for the Nyaru Menteng orang utan Sanctuary


  - Protection White Dolphins Hong Kong Harbour

  - Gashaka Bushmeat Project- Central Africa

  - Protection Summatrian Tiger

  - Leatherback turtle protection

I have the simplistic view that harmony is never likely to break out in the human race, until we get to grips with treating animals with the respect that's due to them

Sir Peter O'Sullevan